with a body made of hemp fibers

Designed to amaze

holistic aesthetics

Handcrafted with precision

the Hempguitar

with a body made of hemp fibers

Designed to amaze

holistic aesthetics

Handcrafted with precision

Avant-garde construction

Made by my passion for guitars, craftmanship and design

the ‘Canna Guitar’ is my approach to create a truly unique and avant-garde guitar that brings joy to look at and to make music with.


 It all started when I discovered the material I now use for my guitar bodies: Hempstone.

 A fascinating material that consists purely out of natural hemp fibers and water. It allows me to create a three-dimensional body that gives you, the musician, a compact and comfortable playing experience while offering a rich and masterful sound to create amazing music.

The biggest reward for me is to see great artists using my work to make true art.


My philosophy is to build state of the art, custome-made guitars taylored to your specific needs and wishes that makes you stand out and to amaze and inspire you, so you can do the same for your audience.


How does it sound?

As most people would agree, the most important aspect of a guitar is its sound.


When I started to develop the guitar, my greatest aspiration was to not only make it look and play great, but also to create a unique and excellent sound. With every step along my way of reiterating the design, the sound of the guitars improved and never seized to amaze fellow luthiers and musicians.


One of the reasons why the sound is so unique is that a round body creates a more lively volume compared to a square one. It reflects the sound-waves created by the top more efficiently and therefore increases the response. It is also creating a very directed projection which makes it a great stage instrument if you have no amplification.

sound sample : Spruce/Grenadill

by Matthias Hautsch

Want to know more?

Klick on the link below to find out more about the unique development and building process of the Canna Guitar

Who are the people involved ?

The Canna Guitar was created in cooperation with Norbert Schmid from drumparam and Konrad Sauer from sauer-guitars

Norbert Schmid, Drumparam

Hempstone Expert and

creator of the Canna Guitar bodies

Jakob Frank, Canna Guitars

designer and creator of the Canna Guitar

Konrad Sauer, sauer-guitars

Assistant Guitar builder