Where did it start?

It was already when I was 15 and started playing the guitar that I did the first drawings of my own guitar designs. It never came to me, to just buy one. My first guitar had of course to be one I made myself.

When I later studied Industrial Design at the University of Pforzheim I had the opportunity to practice my passion yet again and create an acoustic guitar using the unqiue material Hempstone. Exploring the possibilities and boundries of that remarkable material, I had to reinvent the design serveral times along the way.

Although the first experiments were promising it was a long way to, not only refine the design and construction but more importantly, to create an unique and impressive sound. Even thought I am very happy an proud with the stage of the Canna Guitars. The journey to not only perfect the current design and sound, but also to develope and try out new ideas to make the best possible product I can do.

It is my strong believe, that only through innovations and progressive thinking I can get the best out of my guitars.

The Canna guitar is a cooperation between the Hempstone expert Norbert Schmid from, the Guitarbuilder Konrad Sauer from Sauer Guitars, who accompanied the developement of the guitar and myself the Designer and Guitarbuilder Jakob Frank.