This Archtop guitar has a top that isn’t carved, it’s laminated in my usual doubletop fashion utilizing a Nomex honeycomb layer in between a ~1mm spruce plate and a ~0.3mm Sono-veneer.
This way the top becomes super light ~100g. Furthermore the fibers are following the curve and aren’t ‘cut’ which should give it (in theory) an even better stiffness to weight ratio.

The tailpiece design is inspired by Ken Parker and my Logo.
The Sonowood bridge is also hollowed out in the middle.

The Harry Häussel ‘FlatJazz’ Humbucker is mounted on two rails which allow it to be slided in and out all the way to the bridge.

It is combined with a Ultra Tonic UTP V3.2-CL pickup system which allows it to be picked up seperately. The Ultra Tonic system also provides a good feedback cancellation.

This particular model is using a Sonoveneer double top which not only makes it look striking but also alters the sound to be much warmer and rounder than it’s spruce counterpart.

Body dark red textured Hempstone
Finish french polish
Inlays perlmutt side-dots
Frets stainless steel
Fretboard with (nut) 46mm
Scale lenght 650mm
Top birdseye maple Sonoveneer + spruce (doubletop)
Neck curly maple
Frame Walnut
Headplate Walnut
Soundport Walnut
Bridge Sonowood (maple)
Fretboard Sonowood (maple)
Pickguard Sonowood (maple)
Tailpiece brass (gold plated)
Tuners Schertler Tun Acoustic (gold)

Harry Häussel FlatJazz

+ Ultra Tonic UTP V3.2-CL

Total amount: 4450€

*tax and shipping not included. See ordering for details.

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