Custom build or existing design?

Contact me if you want to design your own Canna Guitar. Choose the combination of body style and premium quality woods to create an unique masterpiece tailored to your preferences and needs !

How to buy

All the guitars are made by hand here in my workshop in Germany.

Most guitars are unique designs, created in collaboration between the customer and myself.

Aesthetic details, wood choices and setup are fashioned according to the customer’s individual preferences and needs.

Once we have settled on a design I ask for a €1000 deposit. Please note that this deposit is to cover initial expenses such as materials for your guitar and is non-refundable. The remaining balance is due before delivery of the guitar.

If you decide for whatever reason that are not my fault to request a refund. Please note, that I will withhold any expenses I had for shipping/return of the guitar.

The delivery time depends on inventory and waiting list. The minimal possible delivery time is 3months after deposit.


The warranty for my guitars is valid throughout a period of 5 years. (and as long as I am active as a luthier) This warranty only applies to the first owner and can be used for damages caused by defects caused by wrongful workmanship, but it excludes all damages caused by wrongful use of the instrument (bumps, heat, cold, humidity, dryness, hits,…)


My guitars start at:

base price of € 2400 (excluding Tax/shipping/case)

*€ 2856 (incuding 19% EU VAT)

The Mint-Maple model is an example of this:

Standard Features include:

Body Rough, (unfinished) Hempstone
Finish french polish
Inlays perlmutt side-dots
Frets stainless steel
Fretboard with (nut) 45mm or custom
Scale length 650mm
Top Spruce (Doubletop)
Strap pins Gotoh Gotoh (chrome)
Tuners Schertler Tun Acoustic (chrome)
Pickup K&K Pure Mini
Woods Basic local woods like Flamed Maple/ Walnut / Plum etc.
Nut/Saddle Bone

Wood upgrades and optional features are priced as follows:

Special Woods:
Sonoveneer Top: + € 200
Sonowood Frame: + €350
Sonowood Bridge: + € 100
Sonowood Fretboard: + € 150
Sonowood Headplate: + € 100
Hempwood Frame: + € 150

other rare woods like Quilted Maple or AAAA+ Flamed/roasted Maple will be priced individually

Additional Features:
Gloss Hempstone body: + € 200
Pickguard + €250
Hempstone Fretboard Binding: + €100
Custom Neck Inlay: + €250
Multiscale + € 500
White Top (french polish): + € 250
Sunburst (french polish): + € 250

Guitar ‘Lift’ + € 250

Wooden Body (laminated) + € 700

5 String Bass + € 500

Additional Pickups:
Harry Heussel “Flat-Jazz”: + € 200
Mi-Si Air Trio: + € 300

Shadow Nanomag (Bass) + € 200

Active combination of 2 passive Pickups via ‘Noll Mixpod’ +€ 200

For delivery I usually use a “Fame Case Dreadnought” +€ 79 (or one of your choice).

The listed prices exclude the delivery cost. (usually ~30€ within the EU), (approx. 350€ overseas)

Please note that the listed Prices exclude the ‘value added tax’ (VAT).

For Puchases within the EU you will need to pay the german VAT of 19%