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The CannaBass brings the look, feel and sound of the CannaGuitar to the bassworld.

For those who want to explore the possibilities of an acoustic bass while having the feeling and playability of an electric.

The fan fret-design allows for an optimal placement of the bridge on the top while reducing the length of the neck and therefore the balance of the bass. It also increases the string tension of the base strings while reducing it on the treble strings.

The thumb rest allows for great playability and orientation while looking perfectly fitting with the fan fret-design.

The result is a very crisp and clear bass with a very well defined attack and pronounced midrange.

Body beige Hempstone (gloss)
Finish french polish
Inlays perlmutt side-dots
Frets stainless steel
Fretboard with (nut) 45mm
Scale lenght 780 to 820mm (fanfreet)
Top alpine spruce (doubletop)
Neck curly maple
Frame walnut
Headplate walnut
Soundport walnut
Bridge walnut
Fretboard walnut
Thumbrest walnut
Tuners Schaller M4 90 (Light)
Pickup K&K Pure bass + Shadow Nanomag actively combined via ‘Noll Mixpod’


total amount: 3150€

*tax and shipping not included. See ordering for details.

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