Canna Caster

Canna Caster

This is CannaCaster model is made with a hempstone covered body. The same material I use for my acoustics. 100% hemp and 100% unique. It has a ~4-5mm Hempstone ‘shell’ with a wooden core (Paulownia). This way it stays pretty light and has a hard and beautiful Hempstone surface.

The idea behind the T-style layout is, so that you could just get the body from me and build your own custom CannaCaster! Since all the parts (measurements ) are standardized. You can get e.g. the neck and all the other parts locally and assembled it yourself. This way I can offer the bodies (alone) for much less and also save a lot of shipping cost.

Down below is my build guide video I made for my YouTube Channel. You could follow the guide and build one just like that or do your own variation. Or let me do all the work. It’s up to you! I might do a hollow or semi-body version in the future. So keep an eye on that.

Body beige Hempstone (Paulownia core)
Finish french polish
Inlays perlmutt side-dots
Frets stainless steel
Fretboard with (nut) 46mm
Scale lenght 648mm
Neck curly maple (roasted)
Headplate Hempstone
Bridge Gotoh Singlecoil (gold)
Fretboard plum
Pickguard burlwood (plastic base)
Tuners Gotoh SGS510Z-S5 6L G
Pickup Harry Häussel TE ‘broad’


total amount: 3200€

*tax and shipping not included. See ordering for details.

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