The Canna Fanfret

I am always very keen on trying out new concepts to improve my guitars and explore new territory.

With this guitar I not only showed that a multiscale setup looks very suiting for my guitars, but also that it helps to creates a powerful and deep base while maintaining those sweet trebles.

It also features three different pickups and a pickguard with an hempstone inlay.

Body red semi-rought Hempstone
Finish french polish
Inlays perlmutt side-dots
Frets stainless steel
Fretboard with (nut) 45mm
Scale lenght 635 to 660mm (fanfret)
Top Spruce (doubletop)
Neck flamed maple
Frame german plum
Headplate german plum
Soundport german plum
Bridge german plum
Fretboard german plum
Tuners Schertler Tun Acoustic (gold)
Pickup K&K Pure Mini, Mi-Si Air Trio, Harry Häussel flat-Jazz

Total amount: 3650€

*tax and shipping not included. See ordering for details.

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