You want to have your very own custom made Canna Guitar?


The following are my current models.

The guitars start at a baseprice of 3400€ including high quality components , french polish, and a basic setup. For additional features and more exceptional woods an extra fee is charged.


Contact me if you want to design your own Canna Guitar. Choose the combination of body style and premium quality woods to create an unique masterpiece taylored to your preferences and needs !

Where can I find the guitars?

visit me in my workshop if you are in germany!

Östliche Karl-Friedrich-Straße 7 in 75175 Pforzheim

ring here

The Canna with a ‘sonoveneer maple‘ Top

This guitar is the essence of what I stand for. Progress through innovation. Design follows motion. 

It features a unique and innovative ‘sonoveneer‘ top. The patentet and highly technical process of compressing this beautiful flamed maple veneer is not only making it very durable and scratch resistant but also increasing the depth and ritchness of colour in the wood.

The top is made in a ‘doubletop’ fashion, like all my guitars. So the back layer is still spruce, making it very similar soundwise but giving you that stunning and unique look with a warm and beautiful balanced sound.

The Canna with a ‘sonoveneer oak‘ Top

This guitar is made in the same way as the above. But it’s made with an ‘sonoveneer’ top made out of oak. It’s also featuring ‘sonowood’ walnut for all the parts except the neck.

The result is an equaly balanced an warm tone with lots of sustain and attack.

The Canna Fanfret

I am always very keen on trying out new concepts to improve my guitars and explore new territory.

With this guitar I not only showed that a multiscale setup looks very suiting for my guitars, but also that it helps to creates a powerful and deep base while maintaining those sweet trebles.

It also features three different pickups and a pickguard with an hempstone inlay.

The ‘all maple‘ Canna

This design is one of my favorites. It’s got a very clean and contemporary combination of bodycolour and woodchoices. The all maple design gives it a very crisp and high focused response with a robust base.

It’s one of my basic models. Very minimalistic and pure.

The ‘fruit cocktail

This design features a beautiful and unpretentious combination of raspberry-red hempstone body with wooden parts made out of local plum and peer.

It’s also one of my basic models.

The ‘Canna Classic Crossover’

This is my interpretation of a classical Canna guitar.

It’s made for those who like to play a classic guitar like a steelstring. Relatively slim D-shaped neck with great accessibility of the higher frets.

Featuring some beautifully figuared local woods like olive-ash, maple and olive. Combined with a beige hempstone body, giving it this warm and precious golden look.


Interested in getting one?

Are you intersted in one of the guitars above? They might be still availiable.

You could have one just like the ones above or create your very own custom made Canna Guitar!


Dont hasitate to ask me about the guitars listed above or your own design ideas !