Do you want to have your very own custom made Canna Guitar?

Contact me if you want to design your own Canna Guitar. Choose the combination of body style and premium quality woods to create an unique masterpiece tailored to your preferences and needs !

Modified Dreadnought – MD

Thee Canna MD not only has a bigger body and therefore stronger bass response, I also redesigned the body shape to make the guitar better balanced and less round on the contact point to the player’s leg, which provides more grip and a more familiar playing experience while maintaining the slim feel of a roundback Canna guitar.

All in all it sits much better, feels more like what people are used to and has a bigger sound with more low-end.



Archtop guitar

This Archtop guitar has a top that isn’t carved, it’s laminated in my usual doubletop fashion utilizing a Nomex honeycomb layer in between two ~1mm spruce plates.
This way the top becomes super light ~100g. Furthermore the fibers are following the curve and aren’t ‘cut’ which should give it (in theory) an even better stiffness to weight ratio.

The tailpiece design is inspired by Ken Parker and my Logo.
The plum bridge is also hollowed out in the middle.
The Harry Häussel ‘FlatJazz’ Humbucker is mounted on two rails which allow it to be slided in and out all the way to the bridge.

The Sonowood Series

These guitars feature a unique and patented ‘sonoveneer‘ top.
Giving you those stunning designs with a warm and beautiful balanced sound while being
exceptionally durable and scratch-resistant.

The Pure Series

The following designs captivate with their clean and contemporary design.
The narrow selection of local tonewoods and contemporary colours giving you the puristic aesthetics with the most powerful sound.

custom builds

 You want a Fanfret with a Humbucker and golden frets?
No problem! I am always eager to push the boundaries and get creative with the customer.